We’re a consulting firm working with enterprise customers to implement Big Data solutions.

Our focus is architectures based on MarkLogic, the Enterprise NoSQL database. 

David Cassel

Dave is company owner, a MarkLogic Architect & Developer with 20+ years of software development experience in Defense, Finance, Communications, Software, and Manufacturing industries. Dave has worked with MarkLogic since 2009.

Dawn Cassel

Dawn is company owner and Chief Executive Manager of 4V and focuses on a number of management roles.

Frankie Tsang

Frankie’s 20+ years of experience as a developer includes working with MarkLogic since 2019. Frankie has worked with Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Wholesale industries. Frankie holds a PMP Certification.

Glenn Marintes

Glenn has 17 years of experience as a developer and started working with MarkLogic in 2015. Glenn has built solutions in the Health Care, Financial Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate Management, and Wholesale industries.

David Cole

David holds a Master’s in CS at Villanova and a Bachelor’s in Finance, and has experience in the Finance/Wealth Management, Wholesaler, and Biochemical industries. David has worked with MarkLogic since 2020.

Pam Laufenberg

Pam has over 25 years of experience in the Wholesale/Distribution industry, identifying and implementing custom solutions. Pam has been working with MarkLogic since 2018.

Dave Cassel is also the author of the MarkLogic Cookbook series