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Need to find Progress MarkLogic developers and administrators? 4V Services helps companies build their MarkLogic teams so their projects will succeed with their own staff.

Dave Cassel has interviewed dozens of MarkLogic candidates since 2009, as a hiring manager for MarkLogic, as co-owner of 4V Services, and on behalf of Progress MarkLogic customers like you. 4V Services experts have also trained and mentored developers for multiple clients. Trust us to help you build your team!

How to Hire Progress MarkLogic Professionals

Regardless of what technology you work with, having a team that knows how to use it is essential to your project’s timeline and ultimate success. To build your MarkLogic team, you need to know the people you hire are up to the job.

4V Services will help you build your team of MarkLogic developers and administrators using the services listed below. Fill out the form to the right to receive our helpful PDF guide “Tips for Hiring Progress MarkLogic Developers and Administrators”, which will get you started.


4V Services experts will work with you to understand your specific needs. We will then conduct technical interviews on your behalf.

We provide the expertise to verify candidates’ knowledge & skills. You make the decisions about whom to add to your team.


Sometimes the best fit for your team may be someone who doesn’t already know MarkLogic. That might be a developer already on your team. In that situation, trust 4V Services to provide a customized learning plan and mentorship to help them ramp quickly.

Advanced Training

4V Services offers advanced training for Progress MarkLogic. Help your team level up and take advantage of our knowledge and experience to accelerate their learning.


Coaching includes regular meetings to discuss implementation and architectural decisions, as well as being on call to help with issues related to performance, security, bugs, or other challenges.

Coaching also covers doing code reviews, which is a great way for your team to learn from the experts.

Foundation Work

If your team is new to MarkLogic, 4V Services developers can work alongside them as part of your team. Working with our experienced developers will provide a solid foundation for your MarkLogic project.

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