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Progress MarkLogic is a powerful database and search engine, but experience is needed to take full advantage of its features. 4V Services’ dedicated MarkLogic developers work with you to build your application, shortening your time-to-value.

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Progress MarkLogic is a great platform for solving Big Data problems, but your team may not be familiar with it. How should your data be modeled? What types of indexes should you use? How should you secure your data?

Working with 4V Services MarkLogic consultants accelerates your team’s progress. Our experience not only cuts through the questions to get to solutions, but your team will learn by working alongside of ours.

Staff Augmentation Consulting Training
4V Services MarkLogic architects and developers join your team, providing the experience to move your project forward rapidly. A 4V Services MarkLogic architect or MarkLogic senior developer advises your team on architectural and implementation decisions, performs code reviews, and answers questions. Our instructors provide advanced training to help your team level up.

Taking on a major project with a new technology can be an intimidating prospect. Dave Cassel worked for MarkLogic from 2009 to 2018 before starting 4V Services in 2018. Dave has worked with clients and developers through the entire software development life cycle to build successful solutions on top of the Progress MarkLogic platform.

In addition to Dave’s experience working with clients to build MarkLogic-powered applications, he also has teaching experience as a corporate trainer and as an Adjunct Professor at Villanova University.

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1. Schedule a Meeting 2. Create a Plan 3. Build Your Application
Meet with Dave Cassel so he can get to know you and understand the goals of your project Collaborate on a specific plan to accomplish your goals Work together to execute the plan and build your Progress MarkLogic application

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