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To make your content useful, it must be discoverable. Progress MarkLogic provides flexible content management with advanced search capabilities without compromising on security. Progress MarkLogic’s semantic search lets users discover content by concepts, not just keywords. Combine with Progress Semaphore to take these semantic capabilities to the next level. Being both a transactional database and a search engine enables personalization features as part of the search experience.

  • Index all types of documents
  • Discover by content, metadata, and concepts
  • Personalize your users’ experience
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Drive Publishing Innovation By Unleashing Data Insights

4V Services provides customized search platforms based on the data that matters most to your business and your users. We work with you to develop semantic insights, focusing on the meaning of your data. Shared queries, personalized collections, and other features let your users get the most benefit from their search experience.

  • Progress MarkLogic API implementation
  • Progress MarkLogic testing
  • Progress MarkLogic semantic modeling and query implementation
  • Apache NiFi flows for ingestion and data orchestration
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Why Choose 4V Services?

We use our expertise to help you achieve your data modernization goals. With our advanced data hub solutions, your data can help your business grow, save money, or improve service. We never lose sight of your mission!

4V Services will unify your data to unlock its value for your business. Backed by our advanced data hub solutions, you can check, monitor, and refine your business operations. Entrust in 4V Services to unlock your true potential and transform your business for the future!


We have extensive experience to help you create advanced capabilities – operations, processes, products – and get a competitive advantage in today’s changing digital era.


Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction. And it’s only when we can add real value to their business that we feel truly successful.


We provide customer support service even after the completion and delivery of our products/services.


Make the transition to the future of healthcare with intelligent customer insights and predictive analytics offered by our data hub solutions

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Enable Content Discovery

4V Services provides helpful solutions for your publishing company to reap commercial benefits. We ensure that the most relevant and vital info is easily accessible to consumers by delivering personalized search platforms. Apply semantic insights that allow people to comprehend the actual meaning of your data. These qualities are especially useful in your business sector, where content discovery and tailored experiences are critical for engaging readers and driving company success. Accelerate corporate growth by converting data into knowledge.


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