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Challenge Faced by Our Client


In this day and age, almost every enterprise faces the challenge of managing or using their organizational data effectively and applying actionable analytics to optimally run their business processes. This U.S based healthcare organization was facing a very similar challenge!

This business already has substantial amounts of data coming in from its partners, but has set an aggressive goal for company growth. It needed better ways to streamline their data management, discover actionable insights, search accurate reports, and serve their customers better. All of this needed to happen at scale while respecting the security needs of medical data.

The Solutions We Provided

We have been working with this healthcare organization since 2021. Combining our robust data infrastructure and deep domain expertise, we developed a highly scalable approach to their data management, thereby enabling the company to grow significantly in the next years.

The client has strict requirements for compliance with regulatory, privacy and security rules. We have designed an effective data security strategy and implemented it in the database. Since we are not building the User Interface for this project, we have worked with the client on the overall architecture, covering how data gets into Progress MarkLogic and how we can make it available for downstream consumers.

At present, we are working with them to build a data hub based on data from scores of sources. We have done data modeling to define multiple entities and are building Progress MarkLogic Data Hub Flows for creating those entities from the sources. We deploy advanced technology such as Apache NiFi to pull in data from different sources and run our data hub flows to build the entities.

We are delighted to work with this client and move them toward a bright future.

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