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Dave Cassel worked for MarkLogic for almost 10 years before starting 4V Services in 2018. His experience with Progress MarkLogic goes back to 2009 (MarkLogic version 4.1). As a partner for Progress MarkLogic and Progress Semaphore, we have the experience to help your team understand this powerful software.

We offer the following live, in-person training options.

Dave Cassel teaching about Progress MarkLogic

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Training Offerings

Progress MarkLogic Master Class

  • Progress MarkLogic Data Modeling

    Learn to take advantage of the multiple data models. Understand indexing trade-offs. Consider how security affects modeling.

  • Mastering the Optic API

    Explore both when and how to use the Optic API, along with best practices for doing so.

  • Essential XQuery

    While many Progress MarkLogic applications use JavaScript, there are some features that require the use of XQuery. Essential XQuery provides the basics needed to work these features.

  • Essential NiFi

    Apache NiFi is a powerful data orchestration tool, useful for retrieving data from other systems and getting it into MarkLogic.

  • Designing and Building REST APIs

    Getting data modeled in Progress MarkLogic is important, but providing value requires delivering the right data in the right format. Learn to design and implement APIs to provide consumers with the data they need.

Progress MarkLogic Master Class Plus

  • Everything in the Progress MarkLogic Master Class
  • Hands-on Unit Test Workshop

    Get practical experience and learn best practices for testing MarkLogic applications from one of the developers of the marklogic-unit-test framework.

Progress Semaphore Seminar

  • Progress Semaphore Modeling

    Learn how to build a model using concepts, classes, and relationships. Understand how Progress Semaphore’s Knowledge Model Management tool helps with the creation and management of an ontology.

  • Progress Semaphore Integration

    Learn how to use Progress Semaphore’s Classification & Language Service and Semantic Integration Service to integrate your ontology with your application.

Reach out to 4V Services today to find out how our Professional Training Experience can help you unlock the power of Progress MarkLogic.


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