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Data Hub

Advance Your Business With Data ?

Data Hub enables your team to focus on what truly matters to your business – the value of your enterprise data! Backed by this unified data platform, you can unlock the utmost value from your enterprise data in a safe and trusted way.

Don’t let complex data be a burden! Allow Data Hub to enable you to gather data from silos and represent it in a unified way. This advanced and comprehensive data solution is designed with simplicity, and comes up with robust features, advanced query capability, and impeccable performance. Our goal is to help you harness the power of data to make proactive and predictive decisions faster, all while ensuring your growth on the path forward.

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MarkLogic Data Hub

The Best Way to Build a Data Hub

Integrating data silos with conventional tools or databases is a time-consuming and expensive process. With our advanced Data Hub solution, you can solve data integration challenges with surprising ease! Read below to learn more about how we build a powerful operational data hub –

Design a Solution Architecture

We partner with our clients to fit data hub into their workflow. We collaborate with them to build a complete solution for their businesses. In MarkLogic, we curate data before creating APIs that client developers can use to access the data. We can build the user interface or work with your internal development team to provide APIs to them.

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Maintain and Administer MarkLogic Nodes

Although MarkLogic needs very little upkeep, most of our clients are still learning about it. 4V Services helps with MarkLogic administration. From observing MarkLogic’s use of system resources, to reading log files, and interacting with MarkLogic support on our clients’ behalf as or when required – we work with your operations team to provide a seamless experience.

Furthermore, we help our clients with upgrading MarkLogic in performing the actual upgrade, as well as testing to ensure that an application isn’t affected by the upgrade.

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Design Data Model

Data modelling in MarkLogic is different than in any other systems. MarkLogic is a multi-model database, and can store information as XML, JSON, and RDF triples. This requires different approaches than relational database modelling. We work with our clients to understand their needs and determine optimal ways to present the information they want to access.

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Design and Implement APIs

Making data available is just as important as getting the data into MarkLogic. We provide out-of-the-box and custom APIs to make data accessible to downstream systems.

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MarkLogic’s Data Hub Framework

Data Hub is a framework of MarkLogic. Here at 4V Services, we are well acquainted with this framework, and comfortable working with it. The prime focus of Data Hub is to encapsulate the best practices for data hub applications.

MarkLogic’s Data Hub framework encapsulates best practices for data hub applications. At 4V Services, we have contributed to the development of this framework and have used it to build multiple applications.

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Build a Role-Based Security Model

Customers choose MarkLogic frequently for security reasons. The significance of creating a security model based on MarkLogic’s characteristics is something we want to emphasize. We can construct roles (consider users, editors, admins, guests, etc.) and assign different rights (read, update, insert, etc.) to documents that reflect what various user types should be able to perform.

The various roles should be able to do certain types of functionalities, which is also governed by rights defined by MarkLogic. Making sure the right people have access to the right data remains the key part.

We use MarkLogic’s robust security features to design a security model that ensures that the right people have access to the right data. We work with our clients to understand the different groups of users who will interact with the system.

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Build and Support Ingestion Flows Using Apache Nifi

Typically, data needs to be extracted from other systems and imported into MarkLogic. To bring data into MarkLogic and initiate additional processing, we build Apache NiFi ingestion pipelines. 4V Services has built flows to unify data from many types of data silos.

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Key Principles of Data Hub Architecture

To help you understand the core concepts of a data hub, we have broken down the process of data transmission into layers -

Operational Focus

Drives real-time operations with continuous data movement between source and target systems.

Data Integration

Unifies all the relevant data to provide you with a 360 view of your business’ information.

Data persistence

Increases the availability of your database and boosts data loss detection, prevention, and recovery.

Data Flow Orchestration

Data Hub uses flows to transform and enrich data for hassle-free data sharing between data consumers and producers.

Unlock the Value of Your Data in a Faster & Smarter Way!

Modern organizations – especially the ones that grow through acquisition – deal with multiple operating units spread across several parts of their businesses. With Data Hub, these companies can easily unify a large amount of data from multiple operations. To optimize, unify and manage your massive data-wave securely and efficiently, entrust in Data Hub.

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Industry Experience

Our Industry Solutions

Our Data Hub Systems – tailored to the specific needs of your business.


Ensuring the right access to your customer’s health information while protecting their privacy is critical to modern healthcare. A MarkLogic-powered, best-in-class data hub brings the data agility you need to securely unify data from multiple providers and health plans.

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For modern manufacturers, today’s uncertainty could be the biggest opportunity to build a competitive edge. Invest in the advanced data hub solutions to maximize value from your data and unleash optimum potential of your business.

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To make your content useful, it must be discoverable. MarkLogic provides flexible content management with advanced search capabilities without compromising on security. MarkLogic’s semantic search lets users discover content by concepts, not just keywords.

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MarkLogic is a powerful platform for data-driven applications. Whether building a SaaS solution or deploying an OEM on-premises product, MarkLogic will scale to meet your needs while giving you the performance and security your solution requires.

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Supply chain

41% of supply chain experts rank data analysis first in supply chain technology. Your Logistics business needs critical information to successfully manage inventories and material assets across the supply chain.

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I had the pleasure of working with 4V Services to process large volumes of unstructured text and extract insights that were critical for our business. The team at 4V helped us design and develop a solution that included knowledge management, an orchestration layer, and data analysis tools, all powered by the MarkLogic Multi-modal database. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to shift our focus from data gathering to data analysis and decision making, ultimately improving our business performance.

Innovation Strategist, Life Sciences Company

Overall, I highly recommend 4V Services to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced partner in MarkLogic development. They are truly experts in their field and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding solutions.

Innovation Strategist, Life Sciences Company

Throughout the project, the 4V team provided invaluable guidance and support. They helped us overcome various challenges and achieve our goals on time and within budget. I was impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Innovation Strategist, Life Sciences Company

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