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Implementing Big Data Solutions for Enterprises
What’s So Hard About Big Data?
Data comes from multiple sources in different formats, but it needs to be used together.
Data is generated quickly and the ingestion process needs to keep up.
It wouldn’t be Big Data if there wasn’t a lot of it. Solutions need to scale while responding quickly.
The reliability of data can vary based on the source.
Using MarkLogic to Address Big Data
4V Services consultants have extensive experience using MarkLogic and related technologies to address Big Data problems. MarkLogic provides the data model flexibility, scaling, security, and reliability that today’s enterprise solutions demand. 
Contact us at info@4VServices.com to talk about how these services can help you succeed with your project:
  • Design a solution architecture based on MarkLogic
  • Build data model based on input and anticipated uses
  • Design & Implement MarkLogic REST API extensions and other modules
  • Build scriptable tests
  • Optimize code
  • Perform code reviews
  • Implement strategies for ingesting data using NiFi, Kakfa, and other tools
Engagements range from small retainers to full-time, long-term projects.
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