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Enterprise Search

Unlock the Value of Your Enterprise Data

Across your organization, you have content stored in different places
such as SharePoint, Confluence, Windows File Shares, etc. These
documents represent your institutional memory, which you cannot afford
to lose! 4V Nexus is an Enterprise Search product that gathers this
scattered knowledge and provides a semantically enriched search
experience for your users without compromising on the security needs
of your data.

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Enterprise Search

Components of Our Enterprise Search Tool

4V Nexus enables you to search across multiple sources including Google
Drive, SharePoint, Confluence, etc., and find the most relevant content
faster. We focus on the essential elements, why they are important,
different enterprise search methods, and the way they work.

Semantic Enrichment

Use a domain-specific ontology to enrich your content, allowing
concept-based discovery in addition to keyword search.


Unified Index

Unify both structured and unstructured content in one index.


Flexible Deployment

Deployed on your servers or as a managed cloud solution.


Behavioral Data

Determine whether your users are finding what they need, identifying
gaps in your content.



Enterprise Search Solution

4V Nexus

The 4V Nexus Semantic Search Engine provides the following benefits in
support of your enterprise and operational needs –

Uncover relevant data and contents across enterprise data resources via
a single interface. Results? Improved proficiency, enhanced
productivity, and better employee satisfaction!

Keep Content Secure

Every source of content has its own security controls, limiting who can have access to it. Our search engine allows discovery while referring users to the content’s original home, which continues to control access.

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Semantic Enrichment

We work with you to build an ontology describing your content,
and subsequently use that to enrich your content. This enables
your users to search by concept, not just by keywords.

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We enable your users to save and share queries and create
collection of content across sources. You will also be able
to receive alerts as or when new relevant content becomes

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4V Nexus currently supports gathering data from SharePoint,
Confluence, Windows Files Shares, Google Drive, and more, with
additional connections being added.

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Flexible Deployment

The Enterprise Search application can be deployed fully
on-prem, on your cloud infrastructure, or as a managed

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User Interface

The user interface is mobile-friendly, and compiles with
section 508 standards for greater accessibility. In addition
to the search experience, the user interface is your
administrator’s gateway to controlling content

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Knowledge Discovery Made Easier Than Ever!

Relevant Results

Retrieve action-oriented results that enable you to make better business decisions faster!

Better Insights

Obtain more personalized knowledge and insights to your search results, boosting search recall as well as result quality.

Search by Concept

Thanks to the semantic approach to information retrieval, you can search by concept, not just by keywords.

Search Accuracy

Semantic search ensures a hassle-free discovery of hidden information gathered beyond keywords by enabling the navigation of semantically integrated data.

Saves Time

The better information retrieval leads to more agile ways of gathering and managing knowledge across your enterprise structure.


How Does Enterprise Search Work?

Data management is inherently complex! With the 4V Nexus Enterprise Search solution, you can now manage, optimize, and use data in a fast, simple, and reliable manner. We provide our clients with connectors for different types of data sources. They will have administrative control over everything that gets pulled into the Enterprise Search engine.

  • Each document can remain in its original place.
  • Achieve a new level of effectiveness and efficiency in managing newly generated content.

Nowadays, business growth needs better (data-driven) decision making! Enterprise search enables you to harness the optimum power of data to deploy intelligent, proactive, and predictive decisions faster, all while leading your business on the way forward.

Providing keyword search, faceted search, and conceptual “Search as You Type,” our Enterprise Search solution can help you find content – relevant to your search or query – faster! The results? Improved search results, enhanced experience, and reduced time.

Search Results

How Search Results Are Ranked

Calculating relevancy based on search criteria is key to presenting the most helpful results. 4V Nexus is powered by Progress MarkLogic’s rich search engine. Documents are scored for relevancy based on the provided search terms and facet selections. 4V Nexus also supports sorting by recency.

  • Term proximity – How close the terms appear to each other in a document
  • Item modified date – How recently a document was updated
  • Term frequency – How often a given term is appearing in a document


Partnering for Success on Data Projects

We work with companies like yours to improve business operations through better data management. Our role is to put you in a position to succeed. Let's talk about your goals and a plan to get you there.