• Making updates safe for parallel processing
    Protect yourself from the Lost Update problem in MarkLogic.
  • Setting an attribute with a dynamic property name
    The NiFi EvaluateJsonPath processor lets you specify a JSON path, which will be applied to the content of a flow file. For most situations that works great, but what if you want to retrieve a value where the property you want to read depends on a flow file attribute? EvaluateJsonPath doesn’t support the expression language on dynamic attributes. Use an ExecuteScript processor instead.
  • Why hire us?
    How can 4V Services help you achieve your goals?
  • Comparing xs.dateTime values
    When working with MarkLogic’s xs.dateTime values, always use the provided operators. Read on to see why.
  • Processing upstream deletes
    We can load data into a data hub from a variety of upstream data sources. What if we want to delete documents that have been deleted upstream? In the ideal case we’re using a Change Data Capture system and we get notifications about those deletions, but sometimes we don’t have that. How can we detect what’s been deleted if we don’t get notified?