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Ensuring the right access to your customer’s health information while protecting their privacy is critical to modern healthcare. A Progress MarkLogic-powered, best-in-class data hub brings the data agility you need to securely unify data from multiple providers and health plans.

  • Easily manage high volumes of data
  • Streamline integration process of disparate data
  • Secure data across collaborative efforts
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In the field of healthcare, fulfilling next-gen consumer demands means providing whole-person medical care and delivering an experience that unifies patient, provider, and plan information. Backed by our data hub solutions, your healthcare organization can modernize your foundational IT infrastructure emphasizing agility while delivering premium healthcare solutions anytime, anywhere!

  • Progress MarkLogic data modelling
  • Progress MarkLogic API implementation
  • Progress MarkLogic Data Hub implementation
  • Progress MarkLogic testing
  • Progress MarkLogic optimization
  • Security modeling and implementation
  • Semantic data modeling and query implementation
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Why Choose 4V Services?

We use our expertise to help you achieve your data modernization goals. With our advanced data hub solutions, your data can help your business grow, save money, or improve service. We never lose sight of your mission!

4V Services will unify your data to unlock its value for your business. Backed by our advanced data hub solutions, you can check, monitor, and refine your business operations. Entrust in 4V Services to unlock your true potential and transform your business for the future!


We have extensive experience to help you create advanced capabilities – operations, processes, products – and get a competitive advantage in today’s changing digital era.


Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction. And it’s only when we can add real value to their business that we feel truly successful.


We provide customer support service even after the completion and delivery of our products/services.


Make the transition to the future of healthcare with intelligent customer insights and predictive analytics offered by our data hub solutions

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To succeed in the modern healthcare industry, you must work with all your data together. Our data hub solution enables you to go beyond disconnected data silos to unify all your healthcare data at less cost and time. A data hub solution provided by 4V Services enables modern healthcare organizations to streamline and boost their operational efficiency – from supply chain to R&D and more!


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